December 28, 2010

Striving to become Lady Gaga with false lashes - or at least figure out how to put them on! POP Beauty, Make Up For Ever and Lash Royalty!

Ever since the Lady Gaga episode of Glee, I have been obsessed with false eyelashes, mostly due to the awesome pink ones that Quinn was wearing!
I searched quite a bit and the best match to those particular lases seems to be from POP Beauty.  They have three categories of lashes:  Dressed Up - $10 - subtle effect, ICONS - $12 - "look at me" lashes and Fantasy - $15 - dreamy and avant garde - which seem to be where the Quinn lashes came from.
Make Up For Ever also has an extensive selection of lashes for $17 a set of either strip or individual lashes .  Check out 115 Erin - they're also similar to the Quinn lashes.

My clever friends at Lash Royalty came up with this video which I love because it shows you what all their lashes actually look like on people, which I think will make it so much easier to pick a style!  Their lashes run $15 a pair and can be purchased online at
Check out Miss Cherie, they're my favourite!

Of course before I can start in on the fancy lashes, I need to master false lashes once and for all - I seem to have a beauty mental block about them and every time I try to apply them, it turns into a lengthy ordeal that ends in my giving up usually having wrecked an expensive pair of lashes.

September's Glamour gave me some excellent tips that I thought I should share since I'm sure there are others out there that are equally intimidated by the whole process.

Tip 1 - Adjust your view - the biggest mistake women make with false lashes: looking straight into the mirror.  Put a makeup mirror on the table instead so that you're gazing down.  You'll be able to see what you're doing and the strip will land right on the lash line.  Hold the strip of lashes up to your eyes before you apply the glue - if they're too wide, trim them down.  For easier application you can cut the strip into three or four pieces and place them with tweezers. Even if your lases come with adhesive, it's worth using a strong-hold, waterproof glue.  Apply a small amount of glue directly to the base of the fake lashes, let it dry for 20 seconds, stick the strip on, then wiggle it into place.  For a more natural look, do some fluttery clusters of individual lashes on the outer corners of your eyes only.  And FYI, if you are using the Quo glue from Shoppers Drug Mart, you don't need to let it dry before applying, it is designed to be just the right amount of tacky so you can apply right away!

Tip 2 - Add finishing touches - trace on black liner to fill in any gaps, then gently clamp lashes with a curler to blend real lashes with the faux.  Up the intensity with a coat of mascara.

Tip 3 - Take them off - Don't peel them off, to dissolve the glue, press a makeup remover soaked cotton ball against your eyelids, gently slide down and slip them off.

And a really great reader tip I got from Andrea - practice your technique with cheap lashes - she recommends the ones by ELF which are a couple of bucks, I understand that you can sometimes find ELF at Winners but I haven't come across it yet, so I'm going to see what I can find at the dollar store - thanks Andrea!

Any other tips or ideas will be gratefully received (and tried)! 

- Lisamarie -


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