December 8, 2010

When's the last time you tried a new eye makeup remover? Check out some possibilities from Biotherm, Isomers, Marcelle and Lancôme!

It occurred to me a couple of months ago as I was removing my eye makeup one night that for a product junkie, I was not being very adventurous with my makeup remover and in fact had been using the same one for years!  Not that it's a bad thing to find something that works and just stick with it, but for me this is crazy talk and what if something much better had happened in removers and I had totally missed it?!  The horror!  So of course I immediately set out to try some new (to me at times) removers.  Here are the ones I liked best:

Biotherm Biocils Lash Optimizer Eye Make-Up Removal Care Lash Condition & Beauty Waterproof - 125ml - $31 - a makeup remover that works to prevent loss and thicken lashes with three active ingredients: madecassocide, L'arginine and citric acid.  Suitable for sensitive eyes and for contact lens wearers.  I have noticed that I do tend to lose lashes when removing my makeup, I've always chalked it up to my being too aggressive with the cotton pad but a remover that would also help with this issue seems like a good idea to me!  It removed waterproof mascara and liner easily and didn't leave an oily residue - just remember to shake it before use!

Isomers Totally Tugless Multi-Use Make-Up Remover for eyes, lips and more... - 240ml - $25 - paraben and fragrance free - helps calm, soothe and soften the skin while cleaning.  This one is a little bit different as it requires more work but if you are very sensitive, you will probably prefer this to the oil based removers.  One area at a time, you apply and hold for several seconds, this helps lift the makeup up and off the skin.  Wipe skin clean with downward strokes.  Repeat if necessary and rinse with tepid water.  The Shopping Channel carries the whole Isomers line, you can check it out at
Marcelle Essentials Gentle Make-Up Remover for Sensitive Eyes - 150ml - $14.25 - half oil, half water, all effective.  It contains green tea and cucumber extracts and is hypo-allergenic and perfume free. This one also easily eliminated waterproof product, I did find it a bit oily then the others but since I always wash my face after removing eye makeup, this wasn't a big deal to me.
Also available in the Marcelle line is an oil-free remover - 150ml - $12,25, a remover gel - 100ml - $12.25 and remover clothes - very cleverly packaged as 2 packs of 15 cloths which make them great for travel - $12.25.
If you're wondering what my "go-to" product has been for all these years, it's - Lancôme Bi-Facial - 125ml - $34 - gets off makeup, including waterproof, with ease - suitable even for sensitive eyes and for contact lens wearers.  It's the priciest of the bunch but it need not worry, our love affair isn't entirely over, I just can't promise not to ever stray...

- Lisamarie -


  1. Thanks for the reviews :]

    I usually will try different drug store brand make up removers. Do you think there is a difference between the drug store stuff and the high end stuff in regards to eye make up removers?

  2. I'm currently using Marcelle Essentials Eye Makeup Remover Gel. It does the job but it stings -_-

  3. I have used great removers that were drugstore and terrible ones that were high end so I think it's like everything else, you can find something great at any price point, sometimes it's just a matter of trying a lot of different products! ;-) I use the Marcelle oil/water one and it's great, but Gaby says the gel one stings so I'm going to pass on it! I have also used the Kloraine one but haven't seen it at Shoppers in years. Anyone have other drugstore ones they would recommend?

    Best, Lisamarie

  4. I've been using Neutrogena's Gentle Eye MAkeup Remover for years and love it-it's a duo-layer one and takes off everything.

  5. A very interesting review because it´s difficult to find a good eye makup remover.


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