December 22, 2010

Reader Tip - budget gloves for curly hair!

I love it when you guys send me tips like this - not having hair that is the least bit curly, I found this tip fascinating - I had to get her to send me a picture of what she was talking about because I just couldn't fathom it - here's Ruthie's tip, she wants to save you some $:

"I was at my hairstylist yesterday and she had these massive microfibre gloves that she got at her suppliers. ( She's petite and looked like she was missing the rest of her bear The point of these gloves are to help absorb the water as you crunch curly hair so as not to disturb the curl. I said I think you can get gloves at the $ store from the same material..sure enough I found some in the wintergear section..they have kids and adults..check the colours though..some colours seem to be softer than others..I picked the brown..I tried it this morning and it does exactly the same thing..yay..I picked up a pair for my stylist too. I think she said she paid 14.00 for hers..mine have the Dollarama are the matte type microfibre gloves..NOT the fuzzy shiny silky feeling things that would shine in the dark...I think my stylist will be returning hers to the supplier..."

Thanks a bunch Ruthie and our frugal readers thank you too!  

If anyone else has tips they want to share, we'd love it!

- Ruthie & Lisamarie -


  1. omg, this is amazing! i wonder how if it really works because i'm getting kind of sick of blow drying with a massive diffuser :p. have you ever tried travelling with one? it takes up SO much space!

  2. Nice! have to try it!


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