December 2, 2010

Stay warm this winter with Twittens, CH*Armz, 180s and Little Hotties!

I saw my first snowflakes last night which got me  preparing myself for the cold weather that I just know is coming!  Here are some things I stumbled across that are a little bit different from your usual scarves and gloves...

Proof that people are crazy - someone came up with Twittens so you never have to stop holding your beloveds hand, even when it's cold outside!  I suppose it's romantic or something but if I saw you walking down the street wearing them I would be forced to mock you - fair warning!  If you are planning on avoiding me and getting a pair of these, you can find them on the website - where you can even get the pattern to knit your own twittens if you are so inclined.  Don't knit me a pair!
CH*Armz - $25 - I am notorious for underestimating how hot or cold I am going to be at any given time so I tend to dress in layers - these arm warmer things are brilliant - put them on when you're cold, take them off when you're hot, without having to find a change room!  They come in funky prints and basic solid colours and I think a black pair should be a staple in everyone's wardrobe!  They are also available in a couple of sizes and a longer length, which is great if you have orangutan arms like Christelle! Go to to check them out and order.
180s Behind-the-Head Ear Warmers - $35 - Someone finally realized that I hate ear muffs because they mess up your hair.  These behind the head style ones won't and are super warm! They come in lots of different patterns like this hounds tooth one that I adore and they are adjustable!  Available at The Bay, Sears, Mark's and Zellers. Check out for more info or to look at pretty pictures.

Little Hotties Warmers - small, lightweight warmers are made of all natural ingredients and are air activated.  They come in various types and sizes for all your cold bits: Hand Warmers - $1.99 - lasts up to 8 hours, Adhesive Body Warmers - $2.49 - lasts up to 12 hours, Adhesive Toe Warmers - $2.49 - lasts up to 5 hours.  Available at Zellers, Walmart and London Drug locations across Canada.  For more info go to

- Lisamarie -

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