December 29, 2010

Jewellery solutions for loose rings, tricky clasps and nickel intolerance!

Ring Guard Solution - $7.95 - my solution to rings that are too big has been to wrap some scotch tape around the band, which isn't the most comfortable thing but other then taking it in to be resized, I didn't realize there was any other option.  But there is and it's very easy to use, you just apply a small amount of the gel to the inside of the band and it dries clear and soft in about three hours.  It withstands water and will stay in place for months.  When you want to remove it, it just peels off.  It's also helpful to ease the pinching of clip on earrings!  Available from: and they ship internationally.
Clever Clasp - $14.95 - I discovered this during a late night TV infomercial and promptly bought a set for my mother who has arthritis and was complaining that she can never do up her own necklaces and braclets!  The kit contains silver and gold clasps as well as extenders.  You can find them on the As Seen on TV sites and I also recently saw it at Walmart.
Nickel Solution - $19.99 - Here's a clever kit that will let you test for nickel and then protect your skin from it!  I didn't realize just how many people are allergic to nickel until someone asked me if I knew of anything that would do what this kit does - once I went looking, I was amazed at how many websites there are about nickel allergy!  You can order this kit online, and they will ship internationally:

- Lisamarie -


  1. Wow that nickel solution sounds great.
    Thanks for the info.

  2. I tried some kind of the nickel polish years ago, but unfortunately it wore out very fast :-(.

    I would be interested to hear if anybody has actual experiences with this product, of course I am really not willing to pay 20 bucks unless it really works significantly better than clear nail polish! ;-)

    But that ring guard solution sounds great!

  3. if i know my fake jewellery is going to irritate my skin i just coat it in clear nail polish it stops the metal effecting your skin :)

  4. i definitely need the nickel solution! i can never wear earrings because of it (my earlobes puff up like there's no tomorrow!) and i've always wanted to.

  5. does the ring guard actually work.
    my finger are so thin that unless it's customized sizing, no rings will fit.
    my middle finger is a size 4 :(

  6. Tell you what Krystalites - you can road test it for us - e-mail me your info and I will send you a tube!

    Best, Lisamarie

  7. That ring guard sounds AMAZING! I am always wrapping thread around my rings to make them fit smaller. Oh, the joys of having small fingers.


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