March 14, 2011

If the new haircut wasn't enough - Justin Bieber has another nail polish collection from Nicole by OPI!

I'm starting to worry about this Justin Bieber character, I mean he seems just a little too interested in nail polish - this is phase 3 of the One Less Lonely Girl Collection after all! Whatever his motivation, I'm just happy to see all the pretty colours!
Here are the 8 new colours in this collection:
Top of My World - lilac shimmer
I Pink I Love Him - pink glitter
Studio Mama - pearly pale-pink
Coral Denominator - shiny coral
Fuchsia Wife - magical magenta
My Favorite Gold - gold
Somebody Teal Love - teal
Canadian Star - lavender (sorry, no picture)

Available this month exclusively at Shoppers Drug Month for $10.99.

- Lisamarie -


  1. lol I think it is so weird that he is coming out with all these nail polishes too. And most of them are really girly looking colors too ._.

  2. I don't know Rinny - is there really a nail polish out there that is a manly colour? ;-) I suppose black - but really, unless you are a rock star and are going to wear it appropriately chipped, men should not be wearing nail polish in my book!

    Best, Lisamarie

  3. the whole justin beiber polish thing is kind of weird.. but they do look pretty. however, i do not like nicole polishes. so i'll have to pass.

  4. Love it! They are such pretty colors! I'll admit, I am *not* a Justin Beiber fan, but was lol'ing as I was painting my nails with some of his Nicole polishes the other day!

  5. The nail polishes look nice but the Justin Beiber thing is strange really strange.

  6. I read something about him being asked about it and he seemed out of the loop. Like "yeah they have my name on some nail polishes.. I don't get it either..."

    This set looks so so.


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