March 7, 2011

Anna Sui Double Impact collection for Spring 2011

Sweet and Pretty by day and a Sexy Vixen my night is the basis for the Double Impact collection!
Lip Gloss C - $22 - tea rose scented, highly translucent and reflecting gloss with a smooth application and light texture without stickiness.  Contains Rosa Canina fruit oil and Rosemary leaf extract.  In 10 shades: 001 Clear star, 200 Fuchsia pink, 300 Pink diamond, 301 Fresh pink, 302 Crystal pink, 304 Candy pink, 401 Red spice, 600 Pure orange, 601 Creamy orange, 701 Innocent pink.
Lip Gloss R - $22 - tea rose scented, bright and shiny gloss with colour keep oil to capture a large amount of pigment while brilliant clear oil base provides shine.  This results in an enamel-like rich and glossy tone to the lips. Contains Rosa Canina fruit oil and Rosemary leaf extract. In 4 shades: 351 Hot pink, 450 Anna red, 550 Spicy brown, 850 Crushed Gold
Nail Color N - $15 - coordinate your look with richly coloured, glossy nails to rival your lips!  In 5 shades: 013 Silky white, 322 Deep rose, 405 Vivid red, 608 Brilliant orange, 802 Sparkly gold
Double Cheek Color - $28 - Limited Edition - two colours that can be used separately or blended together to create a variety of looks.  Contains Rosa Canina fruit oil.  In 3 shades: 01 Blooming pink, 02 Healthy orange, 03 Pinkish yellow.

Available this month at Sears and selected Shoppers Drug Mart stores.

- Lisamarie -


  1. Their cute packaging always gets me!


  2. Aww those lipglosses are amazing!

  3. Love Anna Sui packaging but they have so little product in it that I can never justify the price...

  4. wow they're really nice, wish I could afford to buy them

  5. i love the promo pic~ so sexy, and dolly~


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