March 29, 2011

Moisturize Day and Night with La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra and Vichy Nutrilogie

DAY:  Toleriane Ultra from Laroche-Posay for allergic skin ($31 for 40ml)
I rarely try new moisturizers as my skin is so sensitive.  However, since I was introduced to the Toleriane line by my dermatologist many years ago, I had no problem switching from my usual day cream to this Toleriane Ultra.  This cream has no alcohol, no paraben, no fragrance, no lanolin: it's really designed to soothe intolerant skin. While, you may not be like the bubble-boy just yet,  you'll be happy to see that the bottle has a retractable, vaccuum-packed pouch to guarantee that there aren't any allergenic substances in this cream. The verdict? It moisturizes well, without being heavy. It's definitely soothing and great if you have sensitive skin.

NIGHT: Nutrilogie Night Cream, Vichy  ($37 for 50ml)
The winter has been so harsh, I had to switch my usual night cream to something a bit more heavy-duty. This Nutrilogie cream is really thick but still gets absorbed quickly. Most of all, it has a delicious smell of peach, which I love, and this moisturizer managed to soothe my skin after a couple of applications.


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