March 30, 2011

China Fashion Week: I Fell in Love with Red Plastic Swimwear!

Just kidding!

I know, I know...Toronto Fashion Week has started and I'm posting pictures from China...but you see, these designs are so ENTERTAINING, I could not resist! And by "entertaining", I mean so ugly funky! Although the wacky factor can't quite reach the bearded models from Berlin Fashion Week or a good Charlie Le Mindu runway, I have all the confidence in the world this swimwear line will eventually get there! I also believe the lady in red plastic (?) underwear is very close to a wardrobe malfunction. Looks like I've got so many beliefs, I could start a religion soon.

Some of these models are also the skinniest women I have EVER seen and let's not forget I lived in Paris where women's diet consists of cigarettes and mineral water.

 ...and how do you wash this, exactly? Forget washing. How do you put this stuff on?
If you know the answer, I would like to hear from you because you're obviously some kind of genius and you ought to share your brilliance with us.

Designs from HOSA swimwear show.



  1. I like the last pic... minus the hats!

  2. Come on...the hats were the best part! ;-)


  3. WOW they are skinny. but then a lot of asian women are super petite or naturally thin

  4. yea i agree, i think a lot has to do with our genes. majority, not all, have a small frame or thin/small bone structure. most commonly, we tend to grow horizontally or explode after babies haha.


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