March 9, 2011

Rouge Coco Shine arrives (finally)!

Chanel Rouge Coco Shine - $39 - this newest edition to the Rouge Coco family is super soft with a melt-away texture that becomes fluid on contact with the lips, thanks to a blend of wax and plant-based Phytosterol derivatives chosen for their ability to melt into the skin.  And of course they shine - hence the name!

As a Canadian, there are times when I feel like a little kid with my nose pressed up against the window of a candy store with no money to buy anything.  In my case, my nose has been pressed up against the Chanel counter waiting for Coco Shine to show up!  Other countries have had them since February, why not us?! <insert pouty face here>

If  you love your Rouge Coco Mademoiselle, you will be happy to know there is Coco Shine shade to compliment it - Boy - which I am sure you have already been reading the reviews of all over the place!

Coco Shine is finally at The Bay and soooo pretty!

In 25 fresh and vibrant semi-sheer shades:

65 Cavaliere - sophisticated and shadowy copper brown
48 Evasion - fresh and delicate peach
60 Antigone - intense, fresh and amber-tinged pink
58 Royallieu - delicate, fresh and luminous pink
66 Bel-Ami - fresh, slightly coppery brown
57 Aventure - luminous, gold-tinged pink
54 Boy - rosewood with a slight hint of copper
49 Escale - slightly rosy peach
56 Chance - fresh, sparkling pink
55 Romance - coppery, shadowy pink
61 Bonheur - coppery and luminous violet plum
52 Fétiche - fresh and luminous rosewood
53 Prémice - slightly amber rosewood
47 Flying-cloud - sparkling slightly amber peach
62 Monte-Carlo - fresh and luminous red
41 Canotier - luminous delicate beige
51 Unique -  feminine, coppery and shadowy rosewood
42 Biarritz - slightly golden amber beige
44 Sari d'eau - intense apricot
45 Misia - fresh, slightly coppery apricot
67 Deauville - delicate and slightly amber brown
59 Elise - intense coppery and luminous pink
46 Liberté - delicate, slightly rosy apricot
50 Rivage - fresh, slightly coppery peach
63 Rebelle - intense, vibrant and slightly golden red

You can find them at The Bay now and everywhere else April 4th!

What do you think about Coco Shine - lust or must - and which one?

- Lisamarie -


  1. NOOO! Tempting, but too pricey - $32 US.

  2. There's my other rant - our dollars are at par, so why in heaven's name is this lipstick costing us $7 more then in the States?!

    Best, Lisamarie

  3. Already got Boy!! Did a post about it. LOVE.


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