March 22, 2011

OPI swatches - In The Spot-Light Pink, Step Right Up! and I Juggle...Men

Here are three of the polishes from the OPI Femme De Cirque collection - it's a very demure batch of colours which almost remind me of wedding type shades!

In The Spot-Light Pink

Step Right Up!

I Juggle...Men over In The Spot-Light Pink - the glitter is super subtle and barely shows in these pictures, so if you like very discrete glitter, you will like this one - I didn't bother swatching it by itself as it really didn't show up on its own in the picture -  I rather like how it gave just a tiny bit of sparkle and a lot of shine!

I Juggle...Men over Step Right Up!

- Lisamarie -


  1. Nice swatches! But m more into bright colours.

  2. Awesome swatches!

    Thank you! I love I juggle men!!

  3. I am all about them!

  4. Pretty! They are very light, but would be great for spring weddings/events and such. :]

  5. in the spot light pink is definitely my fave of the collection =]

  6. I love these!! Thanks for showing them!

  7. i have in the spot light pink but it doesnt show up at all?


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