July 4, 2012

This week I'm obsessed with... Revlon ColorSilk!

As anyone who is an assisted redhead can attest to, it's the hardest colour to actually keep in your hair - it fades so fast! The other issue I've been having is finding that perfect shade of red, they come in a limited range of shades and the one I have been using is the perfect shade of red once it's faded out for several weeks. This of course means it is the perfect shade once I have roots and for the weeks leading up to that it is a little too dark for my taste. I think I've hit the jackpot though and found my perfect colour that will be there day 1!

Revlon ColorSilk - $7.49 - available in 16 shades: 03 Ultra Light Sun Blonde, 81 Light Blonde, 70 Medium Ash Blonde, 61 Dark Blonde, 48 Burgundy, 42 Medium Auburn, 54 Light Golden Brown, 51 Light Brown, 50 Light Ash Brown, 47 Medium Rich Brown, 43 Medium Golden Brown, 41 Medium Brown, 32 Dark Mahogany Brown, 30 Dark Brown, 20 Brown Black and 10 Black - for beautiful colour and 100% grey coverage that leaves your hair silkier, shiner and healthier than before you coloured.

It's got a lot going for it: an ammonia-free formula for maximum gentleness and deep condition colour technology that penetrates every strand for beautiful, even colour from root to tip, UVA/UVB filter contained in the colourant helps prevent fading and sun damage, rich conditioner with nourishing silk proteins that nourish hair inside and out and a great range of shades.

Available at Rexall Pharma Plus and Lawtons Drugs across Canada.

Of course seeing is believing so have a gander at my results with 42 Medium Auburn:
Before - the colour itself is pretty, the dark roots, not so much - the roots are also making the colour at the back look darker than it is!
After - I think even when this fades a bit it will be a coppery blonde which will still be pretty so I'm crossing my fingers that my holy grail of colour has finally been found!

Once I start having that root problem again, I plan on checking out - Revlon Root Erase by ColorSilk - $7.99 - in 8 shades: 81 Light Blonde, 74 Medium Blonde, 42 Auburn, 51 Light Brown, 43 Medium Golden Brown, 41 Medium Brown, 30 Dark Brown and 10 Black - with an innovative sponge applicator that offers superior control for precise, mess-free application of permanent colour and a gentle, ammonia-free formula 100% grey coverage that erases roots with ease in 10 minutes. Match it up with any brand, even salon colour. Available at Rexall Pharma Plus, Lawtons Drugs and Loblaws stores across Canada.

I like the sounds of the sponge applicator, it sounds easier to use then the usual comb deal!

- Lisamarie -


  1. ARGH! I've been hoping to get my hands on this formula for ages, since I've heard it's very good, but unfortunately, there aren't any Rexall or Lawton's pharmacies in Quebec. :-(

  2. You're in luck then, looks like Well.ca just started carrying it! Or it's a really good excuse for a roadtrip... ;-)

    Best, Lisamarie

  3. sad that Canadian retail price is almost the double of what it is in the States - I pick this up at Target or Walmart for under $3.50 each... the formula is great and the color pay off is very good.

  4. I LOVE it, i got light ash brown (if i remember correctly) and the color was lovely. It was pretty ashy too~ can't wait to try the other colors~


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