July 25, 2012

shu uemura Chocolat-Donna Fall 2012

Any makeup collection inspired by chocolate already has me hooked - now if it only tasted and smelled like chocolate too...
The choco-inspired limited edition eyeshadow palettes really do look like little boxes of fancy chocolates and as an extra bonus are refillable!
Orange & Pistachio Palette - $85 - a hint of spicy orange glitter; nutty pistachio, hazelnut and crystallized ginger peel with gold accents in pearl. Blend with rich shades of matte milk chocolate with golden accents or define the eyeline with cacao
Mint & Vanilla Palette - $85 - a fresh spice and savory herb selection that includes glittery golden vanilla and mind and powdery matte vanilla shades. Complimented with pearl mocha with gold accents and rich cacao for defining the eyeline.
Raspberry & Mocha Palette - $85 - a fruit infused set that includes glittery mocha, raspberry, creme mocha and gold accented mocha in pearl. Blend or layer with matte milk chocolate with subtle gold accent or rich cacao to define your eyeline.
Apricot and Framboisier Glow On - $21.50 - Limited Edition - in sun kissed or luscious berry shades.
Choco-Lash False Eyelashes - $32 - Limited Edition - brown feather with gold and silver accents.
Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte - $36 - new regular shades: RD165 - delicious bright red, WN275 - wine beige, PK335 - sugar pink, PK348 - sweet pink, PK375 - dark cherry, OR1 - orange marmalade, PK376 - hot cherry pink, BR761 - mocha brown, BR790 - dark chocolate spiked with a hint of chili pepper red, BG931 - milky beige, BG944 - soft beige with a hint of pink, OR2 - mandarin orange
Nail Color - $20 - Limited Edition - in Dark Chocolate or Icing Glitter - ultra-fine silver and golden glitter.

And as always, there are beautiful looks to go with the collection - my fave is called Bitter & Sweet Memories and features the Orange & Pistachio Palette -

Eyes: Apply the 4th colour in the palette over the eye area for a warm nutty highlight. Use colours 1 & 2 along the upper eye line for fresh accent then blend colour 3 over the eye socket. Apply colour 6 over the center of eyelid for a spicy accent.

Cheek: Layer Glow On Framboisier and Apricot in your preferred order for a pop of sweet glow.

Lip: Finish the look with PK348 for sugar sweet pink lips!

Available August exclusively at Holt Renfrew.

- Lisamarie -


  1. OMG I so want to eat the palettes...

  2. I've always love Shu Uemura, their product are either dreamy fantasy or very useful for everyday.


  3. I love the color of the nail polish, so fashionable.

  4. Wow...I really like these. I'll be keeping an eye out.

  5. wowwww! Could those shadows be any prettier?!


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