July 9, 2012

Old school hair removal with a modern twist from Venus & Olay, Bic and eos!

With so many hair removal options out there, shaving is something I rarely do anymore other then armpits and for those I usually just use a cheap-o razor and then wonder why they always feel irritated afterwards! Mystery solved - a decent razor and a little shave cream and irritation is a thing of the past! Here are my faves right now:

Gillette Satin Care with a Touch of Olay - $3.49 - contains shea butter which makes it great for dry skin and protects the skin against moisture loss during your shave and Gillette Venus & Olay Razor - $11.99 (replacement cartridges also available - 3 pack - $17.83) - with 5 blades and an Olay moisture bar with skin conditioners that keep your shave from feeling rough. Because of the moisture bar you don't necessarily have to use a separate shave cream but I find it a lot more comfortable when I take advantage of both!
Bic Soleil Bella - 8 pack - $6.99 - offers 4 e-z rinse blades that adjust to all your curves, a pivoting head and rubber grip for ultimate comfort and a soothing moisture strip enriched with coconut milk.
 eos Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream - $3.99 - in 2 fragrances: Pomegranate Raspberry and Vanilla Bliss as well as a Sensitive - Fragrance Free version - and packed with natural aloe, oat, shea butter and antioxidant vitamins E & C for a shave that smells good, is ultra moisturizing and leaves your skin looking radiantly healthy. I really appreciate the plastic bottle - no more nasty rusty bottles in your shower!

Available at London Drugs, Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall, Safeway Pharmacy, Sobeys and Uniprix.

- Lisamarie -


  1. I have Bic's Soleil Bella... I love it, really effective, but when it's new you have to be really careful, otherwise you'll cut a steak out of yourself x)

    1. Good point! I'm always super gentle because my skin is sensitive but if you are used to shaving with abandon, take Raquel's tip! ;-)

      Best, Lisamarie

  2. Sometimes it is best to use old fashioned methods to remove unwanted hair. I love using the Bic Soleil razor as well since it really gives a smooth feel after your shave.

  3. I was eyeing the Olay x Venus one... but olay doesn't agree w/ my skin too...


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