July 30, 2012

Mascara Monday - Rimmel'Scandal Eyes Curve Alert

Rimmel has a couple of new editions to their Scandal'Eyes Mascara franchise including:
Scandal'Eyes Curve Alert - $7.99 - with a collagen and keratin enriched formula combined with Rimmel's Most curvaceous brush ever to take lashes to stunning new extremes of volume and curve.
They aren't kidding, the brush is freaking huge - big brush lovers will be in heaven let me tell you!
The spastic amongst us (yes, I'm talking about me) will only be able to use this mascara when we have plenty of time to be very careful and not get it all over our skin - you can see several spots here were I failed in this goal - this is not the kind of mascara that you (or at least) I can whip on really fast while running out the door in the morning.
Open, my lashes look fab albeit, very volumized, closed they look kind of clumpy to me.

As stated earlier, this brush is not for the faint of heart and it means business!

- Lisamarie -


  1. I agree with U If U did spot and I imagine u have more experience than me that use mascara once in a blue moon. Definitely not a choice for me

  2. wow! It makes your lashes so long! Amazing!

  3. I actually hate to love these brushes. They really do pump up the volume. I love my Benefit Bad Gal...similar brush. The problem is, yup..all over my skin. I've had to start strategically placing tissue before applying. lol

  4. wow thats amazing!!!



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