July 26, 2012

Go bright with Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate Lipstick - 05 & 12 swatches!

I went hunting for a bright lipstick lately and was overwhelmed with choices - I decided that if Rimmel is good enough for the the upcoming crop of scheming, desperate singletons on the upcoming season of The Bachelor Canada then it's good enough for me - I can be as desperate as the next girl!

I'm really not much of a lipstick girl, I tend to go more for gloss but I have been admiring bright lipstick colours on everyone else these days and decided it was time for me to take a stab at it. Why did I choose Rimmel? My philosophy when trying something I'm not sure if I will like or will look good is I try to not blow too much money in case I hate it but still get something with good quality so it actually can look good - I went for:

Rimmel Lasting Finish Kate 8 HR Lipstick - $6.49 - is available in 15 creamy shades that sadly only have numbers, not names. Kate is a supermodel so she is likely hungry all the time which makes it hard to think of good names...

I often have a problem with lipsticks looking cakey on me and accentuating any dry areas on my lips but these ones are very moist, smooth and comfortable feeling - they also didn't migrate out of my lip line during the course of the day - score!

- Lisamarie -


  1. AHAHAHA hungry all the time which makes it hard to think of good names hahaha you are hilarious!

  2. I love 12 especially! Looks great though I guess it's hard to tell how well it suits your face since its a close up :)

  3. I have number 8 and i love it, really like the look of number 5.



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