July 18, 2012

Eye Love Wednesday - Mary Kay and Elizabeth Arden eye shadows

Mary Kay Mineral Eye Colour - $7.50 - in 6 new shades: Golden Vanilla, Polished Stone, Gold Coast, Truffle, Lime and Sterling - that offer one-swipe coverage and colour that is long-lasting, fade resistant that won't crease or settle into fine lines. With an antioxidant formula containing Vitamins A, C & E that offer protection against wrinkle causing free radicals and oil-absorbing properties.

I go through periods where my eyes are super sensitive, are red and water a lot - allergies maybe? Anyhow, during these times I have to use something super sensitive on my eyes or nothing at all and these are one of the few shadows my eyes can tolerate during those times - the lime colour is also excellent at balancing out the red!

(Psssst! There is also a new Mineral Cheek Color - Dark Cherry for $12)

Available through your Mary Kay Beauty Consultant - if you don't have one, get yourself one through 1-866-455-5454 or online at www.marykay.ca

Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Eye Shadow Single Shades - $24 - Amethyst - smoky amethyst with a pearl finish, Aquamarine - soft teal with a high pearl finish, Blonde - soft gold with a low lustre pearl finish, Bone - off-white with a matte finish, Chocolate - deep chocolate brown with a matte finish, Cinnamon - cool copper with a pearl finish, Desert Rose* - sandy rose with a slight pearl finish, Graphite - smoky grey with a light pearl finish, Innocence* - pale pink with a matte finish, Golden Ivy* - charcoal khaki with a low pearl finish, Periwinkle - dusty purple with a low pearl finish, Romance - deep rose with a high pearl finish, Sandstone - peachy-beige with a matte tone, Seashell - soft pinky-beige with a pearl finish, Shimmering Copper* - metallic warm bronze with a pearl shine, Shimmering Taupe* - a blend of silver and light brown with a pearl finish, Shimmering Emerald - deep emerald with a pearl finish, Sky - powder blue with a light pearl finish, Sparkling Sable - mocha with a golden pearl finish, Sugar Cube - shimmery while with a pearl finish, Sunset - golden peach with a shimmer pearl finish, Golden Orchid - purple and pink blend with a hint of a golden pearl finish, Smolder - rich brown with a pearl finish and Truffle* - neutral brown with a matte tone

Beautiful Colour Eye Shadow Duo Shades - $32 - Black Tie - shimmering white with gold sparkle/graphite with low pearl finish, Cafe Au Lait - creamy beige with a matte finish/deep brown with a matte finish, Classic Khaki - peachy beige with a low pearlized finish/deep olive and a hint of gold sparkle with a pearl finish, Heathered Plums* - rich lilac with a low pearl finish/deep plum with a matte finish, Misty Teal - beige-grey with a low pearl finish/deep teal with a pearlized finish, Precious Metals* - high gold/warm coppery bronze with a pearl finish, and Tempting Taupe - ballerina pink with a low pearl finish/taupe with a matte finish 

They offer smooth texture, outstanding pigment and crease-proof wear but what makes them really interesting is the skincare benefits that they contain - both helping to improve the appearance of signs of aging in the eye area while protecting skin from future environmental skin stressors with: Retinyl Linoleate - a Vitamin A derivative that helps minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles as well as supports skin's own natural collagen production; Vitamin C & E - to neutralize free radicals; and Advanced Pigment Technology - pigments begin with a dry texture but this unique technology coats each particle with a blend of silky silicone, Retinyl Linoleate and antioxidants to give them a luxurious, smooth feel. Then the particles are put through a process that makes them smaller and spread out, so they become surrounded by even more silicone and vitamins. As the particles spread out, they create a fine layer that floats on top of the eye lid instead of settling into fine lines.

Available at Arden counters - Shoppers Drug Mart, The Bay, Sears, London Drugs and Pharma Plus now - colours with * available exclusively at Sears and The Bay.

- Lisamarie -


  1. Dark Cherry and Truffle both look like beautiful colours!

  2. I have to use something super sell d3 goldsensitive on my eyes or nothing at all and these are one of the few shadows my eyes can Diablo 3 goldtolerate during those times

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