March 6, 2013

This week I'm obsessed with... Jergens Natural Glow Foaming Daily Moisturizer!

This is the time of the year when everyone is looking a little too pasty white to be pretty and that goes double for my poor whale-belly white legs which I'm pretty sure can be seen from space...

So we should all be grateful to Jergens who have been hard at work reformulating their Natural Glow collection to build flawless, natural-looking colour which we need - without the sunless-tanning odour which we won't miss at all! And my legs are particularly loving:

Jergens Natural Glow Foaming Daily Moisturizer - Quick Dry Foam - 180g - $12.99 - gradually creates a natural looking, streak-free colour with a subtle skin darkening complex. But what makes it fun is the foam formula which makes it very lightweight so it glides on evenly and dries super fast! I like the Fair to Medium shade but it also comes in a Medium to Tan tone as well!

I much prefer a gradual tanner to ones that do the job in one shot because there is a lot less of an issue with streaking or dry areas becoming darker and of course it's much easier to control how much colour you end up with - I still find that exfoliating is the key to great looking colour though so don't forget to scrub every few days!

Also available in the reformulated collection:

Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer - 150ml - $8.99 - in Fair to Medium and Medium to Tan - create a healthy, gradual and flawless summer glow just by moisturizing.

Jergens Natural Glow + Firming Daily Moisturizer - 200ml - $12.99 - in Fair to Medium and Medium to Tan - clinically proven to reduce the appearance of cellulite in as little as seven days and helps you experience visibly firmer skin while achieving natural looking colour - streak and hassle free!

Jergens Natural Glow Face Daily Moisturizer SPF 20 - 70ml - $12.99 - gives your face a healthy-looking, gradual, radiant glow with a formula that also provides broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection to defend against everyday sun exposure.

Jergens Natural Glow 3 Days To Glow Moisturizer - 120ml - $12.99 - in Fair to Medium and Medium to Tan - gradually darkens skin tone a full shade in just three days!

Celebrity Stylist Jennifer Rade says it best: "When your skin feels soft and smooth, your clothes feel better on your body and when you have a natural, sun-kissed colour, everything you put on looks better. Incorporating Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizers into your daily routine gives you soft skin, along with natural-looking colour, so you're ready for anything."

- Lisamarie -

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