March 11, 2013

L'Oréal Feria Wild Ombre helps you create your own two-toned look at home!

If you've been loving the two-toned hair look but not so much the price it costs to have it done at the salon then you'll appreciate the latest thing to hit the drugstore DIY Ombre from L'Oréal - 

Feria Wild Ombre - $13.99 - with just a stroke of the easy to use Expert Brush you can create ombre looks that range from subtle to bold with a lightening formula that blends naturally with each unique haircolour so there won't be any lines just a perfectly graduated colour.

In 5 shades:

050 dark to very dark brown hair (available July)
060 medium ot dark brown hair
065 light to medium bronw hair (available May)
070 dark blond to light brown hair
080 light to medium blond hair

Available in stores now except where noted otherwise.

I don't really have long enough hair to try it out myself so check out my buddy Fiona's results:

You can find the whole post here:

- Lisamarie -


  1. that turned out really nice ;D

  2. It's great is shows up so well on dark hair. I read Fiona's blog post and her hair colour looks and sounds very similar to my own natural colour. I'll keep this product in mine when I want a change with my hair.

  3. I will have to try this! I have medium blonde hair that is just kind of blah right now, hopefully this will give it a little boost!!!

  4. Where is this product available in Toronto?


    1. your local drugstore should have it, I know I've seen it at Shoppers! HTH!

      Best, Lisamarie

  5. how does it show up on purpleish blue ?

  6. how does it show up on purpleish blue ?


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