March 6, 2013

Eye Love Wednesday - Lise Watier shadows, liners and mascara!

The latest products from Lise Watier are all about making your eyes look fabulous and unforgettable!
Lise Watier Ombre Souffle Supreme - $24 - in 6 iridescent and long-lasting shades: Ciel de Nuit, Vert Enchante, Sunrise Peach, Magie Blanche, Magie Noire and Taupe Fantasia - have the most interesting air-whippd texture that is part cream, part powder and part foam - which means unlike many traditional cream shadows, they aren't the least bit heavy and feel very airy and light on the skin! Even better then the light texture and ultra-rich pigments is the concentrated Labrador Tea Extract it contains - with antioxidant properties that help fight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whil helping to protect the delicate skin around the eye area.
Lise Watier Extra Smooth Liner - $20 - in Bleu, Vert and Noir - with a gentle, waterproof and pigment-rich formula that glides on easily and is ultra-precise for fine clean lines with a smudging tip that helps add drama!
Lise Watier Dramatique Intense 3D Volume Mascara - $24 - offers intense volume, extreme length and enhanced curl with a creamy formula that's enriched with ceramides and concentrated ultra-black pigments, curls lashes while leaving them more supple, more lustrous and incredibly thick. The droplet-shaped brush provides professionally styled lashes - the longer bristles amplify longer eyelashes, while the shorter bristles reach the smaller ones - with a single stroke, the wavy bristle fibres smooth and coat lashes with maximum volume and audacious length.

Available now in stores and they are all regular products so no need to worry!

- Lisamarie -


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