March 26, 2013

The Most Amazing Pony Outfit Ever Made - by Katie Price

I rarely blog these days, but I HAD TO share this picture of my favorite reality TV "celeb", Katie Price, Queen of all iPods, promoting yet another collection of riding gear, dressed in this marvelous outfit. This picture made me spit out my dessert all over my keyboard. And you know how much I love dessert...
Also note that the right way to accessorize a fluffy pink pony dress/jumpsuit/insert appropriate word? is definitely with white stripper shoes! Of course.

Yes, if ridiculous outfits could kill, this would be the ultimate weapon of mass destruction and Katie would be an evil genius. Hmm wait.

Now, Hermès pulled something almost as ridiculous: for a mere $91,000 you too can wear a.... ahem black t-shirt. Even if this top is made out of crocodile skin, the price tag is really silly! I can't wait for the recession to be over, then maybe we'll get million dollar t-shirts in stores. You read it here first!



  1. Wow the pony outfit is quite something! I wonder how you walk around in it haha =)

  2. I feel sorry for the pink fabric used to make that outfit.


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