June 30, 2010

Most Ridiculous Menswear for Spring 2011 - Our Top 5!

I don't usually post about Men's fashion but the New York Magazine compiled a list of the most ridiculous menswear designs for this season and I have to say: there were a lot of hilarious pictures. These male models deserve every penny they make strutting their stuff: looking more ridiculous than a Zoolander on acid can't be easy. I wonder how they can wear cropped tops, dresses, lace tops and clown pants and still keep a straight face. But then, some of them wear worse outfits during Pride (it's Pride Week in Toronto and I'm getting ready to be dazzled)!

Here is my Top 5:



  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA This is a joke right? Right?

  2. There's no joking in fashion! Come on, you know Mr. Sith is getting one of those ruffley numbers for Christmas...

    Best, Lisamarie


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