June 2, 2010

Artsy or Fartsy? Enter The Bizarro World of Celebrity Fashion!

Christina Ricci, Bjork, Ciara, Liv Tyler, Courtney Love and a bunch of Z listed celebrities attended 'The Artist is Present' exhibition closing party at New York’s Museum of Modern Art last night... and while most ladies looked great, Christina Ricci felt compelled to wear a dress with an undercleavage...ha! And what is she wearing on top of that lace top? Is it a new age bolero? A scarf? A hat? I just don't know. I'm so confused because this is how I would dress in the dark. If I were super duper drunk.
Bjork was her usual excentric self. I love her and all of her 100 yards of gold lame dress. Take this lady Gaga! My favorite icelandic singer (well I only know one, really) doesn't need an army of stylists to come up with this type of look. She's a natural.

This model didn't dress in the dark...she just forgot to dress!


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  1. The sad thing is, if Lady Gaga wore Christina Ricci's dress, she'd probably look really understated. I was trying to read a post on someone else's blog breaking down Christina's makeup, but honestly all I could see was the undercleavage :|


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