June 11, 2010

The Olsen Twins Debut an Apocalyptic Hairstyle!

I laughed so hard, I fell of my chair. The Olsen's new hairstyles made my day! I'm sharing with you this awesome picture of dark roots, bad dye jobs, messy hair, in a nutshell: the Armageddon of all hairstyles! Even when Lisamarie wakes up after a 20-hour long social event bender, her hair still looks better than our little Olsen twins... I could blame Lady Gaga for this but the twins have been repeating offenders for years. As for their "fashion", it's not getting any better either: no grandma curtain is safe!



  1. I hope this was just for a photo shoot or something...

  2. I hope so too but even so...it's hideous!

  3. What in the world they were thinking? I'm with Keiko--I hope this wasn't for real! Haha.


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