June 28, 2010

Head & Shoulders and Dermaglow have your scalp covered this summer!

Here's something you probably don't give any thought to in the summer - your scalp!  Dryness, redness, itch and flakes can actually be a year-round condition that can occur during both the winter and summer.  Now I have always been scared of dandruff shampoos because I understood that they weren't appropriate for colour treated hair - seems that this is a myth, and that my colour would be perfectly safe using Head & Shoulders which if you haven't looked at it lately, has made some changes to their lineup which features several collections with refreshing fragrances and light formulas which are great for summer scalp care!

My scalp tends to be an issue more during the cold months but the Ocean Lift scent is so summery that I couldn't resist trying it.  It is available in shampoo, conditioner and 2 in  - $7.99.  I found it light and easy to rinse out and I liked that a little bit of the fragrance lingered in my hair!  Other summer suited collections is the Citrus Breeze line which is formulated with citrus extracts or Refresh with naturally sourced mint.  All of them are pH balanced and contain pyrithione zinc as the active, dandruff fighting ingredient.

And now that you've done all that work to get your scalp all pretty and healthy, don't forget that it needs sunscreen too!  A hat is always your best bet for protection but if you aren't going to be wearing one, and especially if you have a distinct part in your hair and a lot of your scalp is exposed you really need to use sun protection.  A spray is the easiest way to get your own head and I am a fan of Dermaglow 70 SPF Body Mist - 141g - $27.50.  It's waterproof and I don't find it greasy - which is a good thing considering that you can't help but get some in your hair!

- Lisamarie -

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