June 14, 2010

If You Can't Go to The Spa, Let The Spa Come to You with Lisa Hoffman's Spa Shower Kit

You may think Lisa Hoffman's skin care line and spa collection are too pricey (USD47 for a 4oz body lotion, for example) but LH offers a few inexpensive kits ($9.95 for a shower packette including cleansing gel, body scrub, body oil, body lotion, hand & foot cream) which are not only very practical for traveling but also a way to sample her products at a fraction of the price. Believe me, if it wasn't for the cost I would be swimming in that body lotion. I often complain about some cosmetics scents but this line's fragrance smells SO amazing, I love it! It smells like a spa and makes me feel....like a girl! And you don't have to take my word for it: the Japanese Agarwood was voted one of the top 5 fragrances of the year in 2009. Kate Beckinsale even declared in Life & Style Magazine "I cover my all whole body in it [Spa Shower Hand & Foot Cream]...It smells so good."

Of course,  the scent is not the only positive: the body lotion ($49.50)  is amazing, it's rich, thick, creamy and not greasy at all. Same goes for the hand & foot cream ($39.50). The shower gel ($29.50) moisturizes well. I mean, it's all excellent. So even if you can't afford the entire collection or if you're like Lisamarie and you need to build a new house for all your beauty products, you should definitely try the $9.95 shower kit, you'll love it.

This line is available at The Shopping Channel in Canada but unfortunately if you want to order the shower packettes, those are only available on LH's website.


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  1. I ordered TSC's 35 dollar grab bag and got the orchid packette of Lisa Hoffman, I agree the smell is DIVINE


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