June 10, 2010

From Longchamp to Topshop: Kate Moss is Not Going Anywhere!

Kate Moss collaborated for the second time with Longchamp to design stylish leather bags. Based on the few pictures leaked online, I prefer her first collection but I will wait to see the complete Fall collection to really pass judgment. That being said Lonchamps handbags are always classic and great quality.

And I've got more Kate Moss news for our Canadian ladies: her Topshop collection is coming to Toronto! The newly expanded store Jonathan+Olivia is hosting a preview next week just before the official launch on Saturday, June 19. So watch this space for a sneak preview... And as if this wasn't enough: for fall 2010, Topshop Kate Moss collection and the new Topshop make-up line will be added!

It should be good...oh yeah!


1 comment:

  1. And not only just her collection, some of Topshop's main line will be at Jonathan+Olivia. I'm so excited for this.


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