July 21, 2010

MAC Digi-Dazzle - it's like a crayola box full of lipstick!

MAC feels bad that they haven't put out very many collections lately and they hope this will make it up to you!

I feel slightly appeased - lipsticks all together like this remind me of candy - yummy!

Dazzle Lipstick - $16.50
Baby's On Fire - deep red
Glaringly Hip - light peach
Hellraiser - light lavender
Hot Sass - bright orange
Infused With Glam - copper brown
Liquid Lurex - tarnished golden
Naughty You - neon pink
Smash Hit - white beige
Snazzy - deep plum
Sweet Bits - light lavender pink
Troublemaker - magenta
Wham - plum brown
Win-Win - light pink

Coming your way August 5th and you won't want to wait, who knows when MAC will come out with another collection!

- Lisamarie -


  1. those look amazing!!! btw i'm going tofollow you if that's okay :)


  2. Ooo I can't wait to check that out! :)

  3. This collection ROCKS! I bought six different lipsticks… I'm such a junkie!

  4. You have me beat Nancy - I only bought 2 but let me tell you it was hard not to buy them all!

    Best, Lisamarie


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