July 17, 2010

A Week of (Wacky) Style: Booze Bra, Cockatoo Hair, and Mermaid Skirt...

Oh Jordan! I don't know what's going on with your hair, but you look like a cockatoo! Our beloved British reality TV star (and wannabe pop singer) was wearing this heinous jacket on TV this week while promoting her new single. She wears so much makeup she looks like a man who is trying to look like a woman...if you know what I mean! Bigger is not always better.

This Cuban singer is dressed as a mermaid, or a pirate. I don't know which one. I tell you what I know, though: I'd rather go naked than wear this!

 The singer M.I.A wears sports socks, dingy shoes and slashed jeans. The crazy homeless look is in, apparently. Did you not get the memo?

And last but not least: this is what I really really really wanted for my birthday! I was hoping Lisamarie would get me a sweet booze bra! You can carry your drink anywhere you go and it doubles as a type of Wonderbra. This bra is apparently popular with the college students on the East Coast of the US. Hmm, I wonder why...


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