July 13, 2010

L'Oréal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base Review

L'Oréal Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base - 15ml - $15.99 - We all know that the secret to great looking foundation is a primer - I bless the makeup gods for the invention of primer!  You may have heard me mention before that I have giant ball of foundation somewhere in my head from all the foundation that has been sucked in through my skin never to be seen again my the end of the day.  It only makes sense to me that it has taken refuge somewhere in my head - I blame my memory lapses on my foundation ball so at least it's been good for something!  So of course I always love trying a new primer!

The jar is really tiny so I was concerned that I would use it up in a week but it only takes a few tiny dabs to cover my whole face so now I'm worried I will never finish it!  They recommend that you apply it in little dabs, then spread from the inside to the outside over the entire face.  The texture is lovely and silky and just glides on and most importantly, my foundation stays on my face and out of my head! I am also achieving the matte even finish they promised me!  I've been wracking my brain trying to remember what product this one reminds me of and I have decided that it is Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch Base which is another primer that I loved - and at half the price, the L'Oréal base is worth a try!

- Lisamarie -

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