July 8, 2010

Burberry Beauty in all its full glory!

Burberry lovers rejoice!  Burberry Beauty has arrived at Holt Renfrew Toronto Bloor Street in all it's plaid glory!  As I promised in my teaser yesterday, here is a full rundown of all the products in the line - of course you need to go and see them for themselves if you can because mere pictures can not do justice to the true luxuriousness of the line's packaging!

The brand's Chief Creative Officer, Christopher Bailey describes the inspiration for the line as reflecting the natural style and relaxed attitude of their iconic trench coat and capturing the effortless elegance and individuality of the Burberry girl. He describes the colours as taken from the signature Burberry colour palette - natural, light, timeless and iconic.  Inspired by British skies - beautiful, stormy, cloudy, misty, hazy - followed by the gentle glow of the British sun.

Sheer Foundation  - 30ml - $66 - For normal to dry skin - 9 shades in a light cream fluid for a subtle finish.  It contains softening light technology, Vitamin E, a hydrating formula and UV filters.
Sheer Compact Foundation - 8g - $72 - 9 shades with an outstanding texture that can be used dry for a sheer finish or damp for more intense coverage.  Contains fortifying orange derivative and botanical amino acids as well as UV filters.  This is the foundation that Sophia used on me yesterday.  She used it dry and it did a lovely job of evening out my skin tone while still feeling very light.  I should mention that it does have a scent which is wild rose - it's not overpowering but you do notice it when applying.
Sheer Pressed Powder - 10g - $59 - 2 shades to balance complexion, eliminate shine and mattify with a long lasting finish.  Contains wild rose for moisturizing benefits and UV filters.
Light Glow Natural Blush - 7g - $54 - 5 colours with micronised pigments and wild rose for moisturizing benefits.  Sonia used Blossom on me which is a peachy shade.  The pigmentation was really nice and it lasted the whole day without fading so I was impressed!
Warm Glow Natural Bronzer - 10g - $60 - 4 shades for a sheer, healthy glow.  Micronized powders and pigments reproduce the skin's natural colour.  Emollient agents and spherical polymers smooth the skin offering a natural glow.  Contain UV filters.
Sheer Eye Shadow - 2.5g - $33 - 20 colours to help you achieve the most natural look to the most sophisticated.  Contain lipids and silicones for comfort and long-lasting wear as well as polymers for smooth application and micronised pigments to keep the colour true throughout the day.  Sonia used a gold and a dark brown on me to compliment my blue eyes which really made them pop!  The staying power was good but would have been better with a primer especially considering how hot it was out yesterday!
Effortless Mascara Volumising Lash Enhancer - 4.5ml - $36 - in black - high definition, volumizing mascara with a fortifying agent which stimulates lash growth.  Contains thickening agents that coat each lash along its entire length, filming agents to promote fibre separation in order to build high-precision volume, gelled water to help obtain an airy texture and improved colour expression and marine plant Glycogen which works like a natural lash extender, accelerating fibre growth and strengthening lashes from the roots up to redesign the lash line.
Eye Definer Eye Shaping Pencil - $30 - 5 colours in a long-wearing and water-resistant formula.  Contains emollient plant oils, natural waxes and a high concentration of mineral pigments.
Lip Cover Soft Satin Lipstick - 3.8g - $36 - 21 colours in a superlight texture and intense moisture.  Contains anti-aging ceramides for fuller lips and UV filters.
Lip Glow  Natural Lip Gloss - 6ml - $35 - 12 colours which reflect light to create the illusion of plumper, fuller lips.  Sonia used Cameo on me which is a peachy shade and I really like the smooth texture of the gloss - she also reminded me of a smart trick to do with gloss - which is wear a liner under it since it wears off much quicker then lipstick, and then you aren't left with no colour on your lips.
Lip Definer Lip Shaping Pencil - $30 - 6 colours with a high concentration of natural waxes and plant oils as well as a hydrating amino acidic derivative to improve the firmness around the lip contour.

You can also find it at Holt Renfrew Vancouver - what are your thoughts on the new line?

- Lisamarie -


  1. Thanks for the rundown on the Burberry cosmetics. I have been trying to resist buying anything because I have no testers in my local Nordstrom. I was told the lipstick is very heavily scented. Did you have a chance to "sniff" any, and was the gloss scented as well?

  2. The whole line has a wild rose scent - which I could smell in the powder foundation but didn't smell at all in the gloss. She didn't use the lipstick on me and I didn't even think to smell one!

    Best, Lisamarie

  3. I think the whole thing is horrifyingly expensive and wouldn't buy it on principle, yikes!

  4. I love the look of the packagine! Very sleek

  5. WOW and I thought Chanel was expensive! Somehow this makes me feel less guilty for wanting to plunk some coin on Pardoxal.

    I do like the packaging, it's quite chic; however, the colors are nothing special and there are just as many less expensive brands with the same colors. I think I'll pass...


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