July 5, 2010

Aluminum free, liquid rock or clinical strength? Pick your deodorant for the summer!

Getting ready for the summer, are we? I've tested a few new deodorants, including a couple of aluminum free sticks. Before I even get started: I've read complaints about how these deodorants don't work etc... guess what? Deodorants in the $6-9 range do not stop perspiration, they are usually better than your basic $3 deodorants but no... they will never be as effective as a $25 antiperspirant! But the deodorants I have selected offer other advantages: they are much more gentle on your skin and...cheaper!

Deodry from Body Shop - $8
This roll-on contains volcanic mineral and essential oils and does not contain any aluminum salts which can irritate sensitive skin. So does it deliver? The floral scent is nice and fresh. The wetness protection is pretty good: I was completely dry until I started moving around (I can sweat just typing  away on my computer...). So it's a good deodorant for light to moderate perspiration but this roll-on will not stop perspiration. You can apply it after shaving, there is no irritation at all.  


Byly deostick $6.99
This brand not familiar to you? Well that's because the Spanish skincare company - Byly is fairly new in Canada.  Other items in this line are a H20 Thermal antiperspirant spray and a green tea antiperspirant roll-on (also at $6.99). The deostick is alcohol free, hypoallergenic, completely odorless and colorless, it also doesn't leave any white marks on your clothes - but why is it interesting? Well, it's a new offering in the aluminum free department too. Again, it's so gentle you can apply it after shaving and just like the previous deodorant it is meant for light to moderate perspiration.  Byly is available at Shoppers Drug Mart, Loblaws and Pharmasave.  You can find more information about the line at www.byly.ca.


Kiss my Face - Liquid Rock - $6.60
This roll-on is Paraben free and uses lavender essential oil to neutralize odors. It's not aluminum free, though. Again, it works well for light to moderate perspiration.

Secret Clinical Strength - $9.80
This stick is more like a cream. The downside: unlike the colorless sticks, this stick can leave white stains because of its texture. I love the floral scent and despite the higher price, I felt this one worked the best in terms of slowing down perspiration.


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  1. i use this beauty crazed brand ant it work on my under arms ,it keep me fresh all the day and kill my body odor ,i feel safe while applying this because it dint contain aluminium


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