July 2, 2010

A Week of (Wacky) Style with The Stars!

Another week, another gallery of fashion mishaps and hair disasters! This week, we learn how to make a couture dress à la Lisamarie, what hair color is in and what shoes I'm buying Lisamarie for Christmas.
Let's start with an Eclipse Red Carpet outfit. For once, it's not about Kristen Stewart. In fact, I believe Kristen heard me scream over her horrible outfits and decided to hire a stylist a few months ago. I actually love Kristen's new red hairdo, it softens her face.

Now... that was my free compliment for the week. Back to that first "dress": I think it's a prank. It's totally the bed sheet from her hotel room. Totally. How can I be so sure? That's how Lisamarie "creates" her couture dresses.

The singer Monica thinks she's from Planet Romulus. And maybe she is.

The Wackiest Hair of the week award goes to...Juliette Lewis! I don't mind blue hair, but that mop is just a mess!

And last but not least, 16 year old Gossip Girl star Taylor Momsen wore super hot stripper shoes. I like this little lady's practicality: her shoes can store all her tips. Her mom must be so proud! 
I'm so getting these shoes for Lisamarie!
Stay tuned for another "Style with the Stars" post!



  1. you made me laugh soooo bad loool
    Thx for sharing :)

  2. Those strippers shoes are going to be hit, I tell you.
    if you want to get your own:http://www.funkypair.com/675stilettoheeltwo-bandplatformwdiscoball.aspx


  3. Why would Lisamarie waste a good figure under that monstrosity?! She needs to fire her stylist (if she has one!)
    Kat x Click&Make-Up

  4. OMFG. Those shoes are absolutely hideous. How does one walk in those?

    Ashley Greene's outfit though, proves she can wear a sheet and still look gorgeous.

  5. LOL I only just noticed that Taylor Momsen's tip shoes actually have a SLOT for inserting them - when I saw this photo the other day I just noticed the money inside and thought they were just made that way XD

    And ugh, not fair that Ashley Greene can wear a horrible bedsheet and still look gorgeous :( also, I'm pretty sure Monica was channelling Batman or something haha


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