November 3, 2010

New and Notable from Shoppers Drug Mart - Biotherm Homme, Pur Minerals, Nicole by OPI, and Bath Retreat!

Biotherm Homme High Recharge Energy Shot - 125ml - $35 - achieve instantaneously moisturized and wide awake feeling skin for your tired man with Biotherm Homme's latest offering.  It has 7 active ingredients: Ginseng - to boost skin's micro-circulation, Vitamin B5 - to make the skin feel more toned, Vitamin E - to protect the skin from free radicals and oxidative stress, Magnesium + Copper + Zinc - to stimulate cellular regeneration, Pure Thermal Plankton - to strengthen the skin's natural defense mechanisms.  It's a very fluid texture so if you have a hard time getting your boyfriend/husband to wear moisturizer because they don't like the feeling of cream on their skin, give this one a try.  I tried it out on mine (I'm not going to say whether it was the husband or the boyfriend, I don't like them knowing about each other) and he really liked the feel and the smell!

Pür Minerals Heavenly Delights - $35 - includes Perfectly Natural/Pink Marble Powder Split Pan, Perfect Fit Eye Shadow Trio in Halo, Enchanted Pout Plumping Lip Gloss and a mini powder brush - If you were thrilled by last month's Earthly Treasures (which they still have if you haven't picked it up yet) you will love that they have come out with another set to give you a totally different look!

I noticed a special set  from Nicole by OPI that I haven't seen anywhere else - Perfect Pair - $9.99 - The Grape Debate and Glitz & Glisten - colours are beautiful, price is great - this one's a winner!

Bath Retreat is a new line exclusive to Shopper's with a lot of different smells for your bathing pleasure: Tuberose Collection, Gardenia Collection, Vanilla Collection, Cocoa Collection, Apple Blast Collection, Very Berry Collection, Island Breeze Collection, Misting Waterfall Collection, Aquamarine Collection, Diamond Collection.

Included in each collection is: Hand Soap - $4.99, Body Butter - $10.49, Body Lotion - $8.49, Body Mist - $8.49, Body Wash - $8.49 and Foam Bath - $10.49 - What I've noticed so far with quick perusal and sniffing: the bottle of foam bath is enormous, so great deal and the Apple Blast smells exactly like a green apple - yum!  More to come once I get my hands (and rest of me) on these babies!

- Lisamarie -


  1. I have a huge hunch that you two work for i right?
    awesome post :D
    Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ... ....Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

  2. I spend so much time there I should! Christelle could never work retail, she's way too mean!

    Best, Lisamarie

  3. Pur Minerals has an eyeshadow trio?? How did I miss this! So cool!

  4. hi guys l woud like to know were if you can deliver Bath Retreat produces to israel?


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