November 19, 2010

La Vie en Rose wants you to be fascinating & glamourous for the holidays and win a makeover!

 If you're looking for something to get him into the holiday spirit, here are some great choices from La Vie en Rose!  And my stance on lingerie as a gift remains the same at Christmas as it does for Valentine's Day - he can buy you all the lingerie he wants as long as he understands that it is a gift for him and he still has to pony up something sparkly for you as the real gift!

Bustier and Thong Set - $59.95 - available in red/black, blue/black or black/black - Garter Stockings - $10 - available in black or white
Convertible Push-Up Lace Bra - $39.95 - Lace Boyleg Panty - $24.95 - available in teal/black or purple/black - Stay-Up Stockings - $10 - available in black, white, natural or ivory - Feather Fan - $19.95 - available in red, pink or black - High-Heel Slippers - $39.95 - available in red or black
Mesh Babydoll with Garters and Thong Set - $49.95 - available in red, purple or black - Garter Stockings - $10 - available in black or white
Mesh and Lace Chemise - $39.95 - available in red, teal, purple or black - Rhinestone Ankle Bracelet - $8.95
Mrs. Claus Hooded Set - $49.95 - High-Heel Slippers - $39.95 - available in red or black - Mr. Claus Boxers - $14.95

From now until December 22nd, you also have a chance to win a La Vie en Rose Makeover which includes:
- An ultra-glam professional photoshoot with a hair stylist, a make-up artist and a professional photographer
- A $2,000 Gift Card redeemable at La Vie en Rose and La Vie en Rose Aqua boutiques
- Your very own personal shopper to give you advice on what suits your body type and your personality

Register online at for your chance to win!

- Lisamarie -


  1. Wow, you're tough. I just feel lucky to have a boyfriend who's into gifts of sexy lingerie - so many guys are too scared and embarassed to buy that kind of stuff!

  2. LOL Fiona! Damn right I'm tough! They pretend it's a present for you but seriously, most of that stuff is not comfortable for us to wear it's just for them to look at so I am maintaining my view that it is a present for them! ;-) You can't let them get away with this stuff or next they will be guying you a vacuum for Christmas and calling that a present! ;-)

    Best, Lisamarie


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