November 22, 2010

Sneak Peek - Lancôme Ultra Lavande Spring 2011 Colour Collection

I realize that we just started winter and I'm already talking about spring, which is crazy - but when I saw the spring collection for Lancôme, I had to share it with someone - it's just that darned pretty!  I used to show this kind of stuff to my husband who would then look at me with a blank, slightly pitying look and say "very nice dear, don't you have any friends that would be interested in this?"  Save my husband, be my friends and look at the pretty makeup!
I love pink, I love lavenders and purples and I love butterflies so it goes without saying that I love this palette!  Butterflies Fever Blush - 01 Glowy Ballerine - $48 - will be mine!
Other pieces from the collection that I  was able to get pics of:
Color Fever Gloss Natural Origin - 385 Lavande Ballerine or 383 Beige Ballerine - $31
Ombre Magnétique - 01 D Disco Gold - $47
Le Vernis - 359 Lavande - $16

Also in the collection that I couldn't get pics of:
Le French Touch Absolu - 308 Lil Rose, 310 Daisy Rose, 312 Berry Rose - $40
Ombre Absolute Minérale Eye Shadow Palette - A60 Ultra-Lavande Cold Harmony, A70 Ultra-Lavande Warm Harmony - $54
Le Vernis - 004 Disco Silver
Ink Artliner - 05 Ultra-Lavande - $38
Crayon Khol Naturel - 01 Ballerina Pink, 03 Ultra-Lavande - $28

I am already making my shopping list!  What do you think of the collection - is this the kind of thing that can make you think of spring already?!

- Lisamarie -


  1. That eyeshadow compact is a work of art! And art you can actually use for something not just look at, so yay!
    I don't care if the colours would run together over time; I think the mixed colour would be really pretty too and then you'd have something different.

  2. OH my that blush is just the prettiest darn blush I've seen in forever!
    Unfortunately, this can't make me think of spring just yet--It's going to be -40 C with the windchill here in Edmonton tomorrow! Feel my pain.........

  3. OH that is pretty!! I love the Lavande np!

  4. I definitely want the blush, the nail polish, both glosses... actually, everything in the photos. Can't wait to see the rest of the collection!


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