September 23, 2011

You may not be allowed to look at Madonna, but Toronto, you can now have her skin thanks to Intraceuticals!

Gina Brooke and Machael Varricchio - both have great skin!
Madonna's Makeup Artist, Gina Brooke was in Toronto last week to promote Intraceuticals - the Australia brand she discovered in 2004 and has been using ever since to make her celebrity clients look fabulous!

We have all heard talk of the "Madonna facial" - and actually I thought I had gotten one a couple of years ago but as it turns out, not all oxygen facials are created equal. While blowing some oxygen on your skin feels good, it doesn't actually do much if that's all they're doing. What's different about the Intraceuticals Infusion  is that it uses therapeutic-grade oxygen and Hyalouronic Acid to deliver specialized active serums deep into the skin's structural layer giving you impressive immediate and long-term results, which are: stimulates cell renewal, strengthens collagen and elastin fibers; immediate and intensive hydration to leave skin fresh, radiant and with a visible, firming lift; and the super-hydrating serums stimulate an osmotic response so skin gets steadily firmer, brighter, and refreshed within 24 hours following each treatment.

This all sounds great in theory but I wanted to try it for myself so went down to GEE Beauty to have a Intraceuticals Infusion. Machael Varricchio, whose company Beauty Mark is bringing Intraceuticals into spas actually gave me my facial - and I must admit that was my first experience getting a facial - or any kind of spa service from a guy! I have no complaints, he did a great job! If facials make you nervous or you find them too invasive, this is the treatment for you! No extractions, scrubbing, rubbing or anything else you might find objectionable - just some very light pressure and coolness from the oxygen.

I'd like to give you a thorough and vivid description of what the facial feels like, but it doesn't actually feel like much of anything, if I hadn't been talking to Machael during it, I could have fallen asleep. What I can tell you is how my skin looked afterwards - radiant! My skin was visibly plumped, smooth and glowing. What's really cool about this facial though is that your skin looks even better the second day - and mine sure did. Added bonus, a pimple that was coming on when I had the treatment was pretty much healed day 2! And Gina was absolutely correct when she told me to wait and see how well my makeup would go on after having the facial - it's true, it just glides on and really looks all kinds of amazing - I can see why this is the perfect tool for a makeup artist!

There are 3 kinds of treatments:
Rejuvenate - promotes natural collagen and elastin production to improve skin texture and smooth fine lines and wrinkles - 50 minutes for $175
Opulence - a botanical brightener that helps reduce hyper pigmentation, and lighten dark spots, scars and other imperfections for a refreshed, radiant appearance - 50 minutes for $200
Atoxelene - an alternative to injections, it targets expression lines and wrinkles while re-firming and re-filling under the eye and contouring lips - 30 minute express treatment for $150
And you can help keep the results going with the line of home-care products - it was recommended to me that I do a daily three step process consisting of a Daily Serum, Hydration Gel and Moisture Binding Cream.

I highly recommend you get yourself to GEE Beauty and try one out for yourself!
Discover Intraceuticals at GEE Beauty - 2 Roxborough Street West in Toronto - 416-486-0080

- Lisamarie -


  1. Is this procedure done in any spas in the US, particularly in New York City?
    Thanks and Happy Holidays.

    kleimanlaw at aol dot com

  2. There are lots in NY Dlori - check out this link:


    Best, Lisamarie


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