November 7, 2011

Sorting out sensitive skin and Moustaging friends - it's all in a day's work for Biotherm Homme!

Though you'd never know it from the way they dump you, a surprising number - 67% of Canadian men consider themselves to be sensitive - well their skin anyhow... To help their sensitive little faces out, Biotherm Homme has a new 3-step line of skincare to soothe and fortify their delicate skin:

Biotherm Homme Aquapower D-Sensitive Daily Soothing Cleanser - 125ml - $25 - a cleanser for deep and gentle cleansing. Eliminates impurities with soap-free efficiency and soothes skin with a comfortable texture.

Biotherm Homme Aquapower D-Sensitive Anti-Irritations Shaving Foam - 200ml - $20 - a shaving foam with an emollient and protecting action for a close and gentle shave. Contains no perfume or soap with a creamy texture to reduce razor burn. With a husband who uses an electric razor, I had to outsource the testing of this to one of my other men - here's what he thought:

I recently got my hands on a bottle of BIOTHERM AQUAPOWER D-SENSITIVE shaving cream from a very good friend. After 5 days of not shaving (beard territory for me) I decided to try this product out. Looking at the bottle it states "no perfume, no soap , no paraben (what's that?!) " I figured it would be a watered down version of what I normally use and considering I have very sensitive skin I thought I would be throwing this bottle through their window shortly after I shaved. Well, I was pleasantly surprised to discover a very rich cream that felt better then the product I have been using for years and despite the lack of the soap, perfume...etc it actually did a better job then my regular product. I would recommend this product to anyone interested in putting less chemicals into their body while actually improving the quality of their shave. When this bottle runs out, I will certainly be replacing it with the same product moving forward.

Biotherm Homme Aquapower D-Sensitive Daily Moisturizing Soothing + Fortifying Care - 75ml - $30 - a moisturizer for daily armor-like protection and soothed skin. Reduces the 5 signs of skin sensitivity - redness, itching, tingling, tightness and flare-up sensations - and fortifies skin against external aggressions leaving it feeling comfortable.

The products are all free of alcohol, fragrance and parabens but still won't help them dump women easier.
You might not be able to grow a mustache of your own for Movember - but this month Facebook fans are invited to join the Bitherm Home team and Moustag their friends for the cause at: - for every Moustag uploaded - Biotherm Homme will donate $1 to the prostate cancer campaign. They will also reward each $15 online donation with a $15 value Aquapower D-Sensitive gift set.

For more info on the November campaign go to

- Lisamarie -

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