November 5, 2011

Shampoo alternatives from Marc Anthony, Snappi and Mane Teeze!

There are lots of reasons not to want to wash your hair in the shower: shampoo can be damaging, water strips hair colour out quicker or you watched Psycho the night before - but my main reason for skipping shampooing is sleep - if sleeping were an Olympic sport I would have won numerous gold medals for Canada - I would be a national hero, people would chant my name at shopping malls and they would put my picture on the upcoming $5 coin. But alas, it's not a sport and all it does is make me late for work on a regular basis when I over train. One of the easiest ways to save some time is to skip the shower but because I have fine hair, it tends to do crazy things overnight so I've found various products to deal with it's issues:

If it's just looking a little greasy - dry shampoo is the answer!

Snappi Dry Shampoo - 159ml - $14.95 -rejuvenates dull, lifeless and greasy hair to leave hair feeling clean and fragrant without having to wash it as frequently. To use, hold can 12" from hair and spray evenly - then massage product into hair and brush out. My handy tip for getting the most out of it is to hang your head upside down as you brush the product out, this method helps add some nice volume to the roots which is great especially if you also have fine hair!

Available at Trade Secrets - find the location nearest you at

For scary, finger-in-the-light-socket hair something a little stronger is in order!

Marc Anthony 2nd Day Revitalizer - 200ml - $11.99 - eliminates bedhead, smooths and controls frizz, repairs dry, damaged hair, seals and protects hair colour, removes odours, absorbs oil as well as promotes silkiness and shine.  Enriched with an Antioxidant Complex, Brown rice Protein and Honeyquat that will work with all hair types and styles to recreate beautiful looking hair instantly.  Apply to dry hair - gently mist hair from roots to ends until hair is slightly damp then use brush of choice and blow dry to finish your style in minutes or for a more natural finish let air dry.
If it's just stinky!

Mane Teeze Hair Perfume by T&M - 50ml - $34.99 - in three scents: Black Widow - dark amber, Social Butterfly - sweet, soft vanilla, Haute Mess - chocolate and caramel - adds a long lasting fresh scent to hair for up to 12 hours.

I attended the product launch for the line a couple of nights ago and while inexplicably being forced to stand around in a kind of skeevy stairwell while waiting for the organizers to get their act together I got into a conversation with a couple of other ladies about who or why anyone would need/want perfume for their hair. We decided that it would be appropriate after visiting abattoirs, pig farms, funeral homes and skeevy stairwells. Also handy if you've been around smokers (of all varieties),exercise of any sort or think that Robert Pattinson might suddenly decide to stick his nose in your hair (it could happen, I live in hope).

If any of these things happen or could happen to you then you are just the sort of person who should check it out!

Available at Blo Blow Dry Bars and online at

- Lisamarie -


  1. I love dry shampoos - especially ones that aren't white and powdery (hard to brush ALL of it out!)

    I've tried Got2be (not great), Batiste, Oscar Blandi and Label M (from the Donato salon). So far Label M is my favourite- lots of volume and no residue at all!

    Shame you had to stand around in a stairwell waiting for an event - hope it was worth it!

  2. I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on Dry Shampoos. They seem to be a "product push " right now, but I feel skeptical....does it really feel clean? Can you tell something is in your hair? Thanks" :-)

  3. As much as I'd love to skip out on morning showers in favour of sleep, I absolutely have to wash my hair or it looks like a greasy mess. Dry shampoos just don't seem to work for me but maybe it's because I've only tried the white ones. I can never brush it all out and it looks like I've got dandruff!

    xo, alison*elle

  4. Dry shampoos will absolutely not give you the same squeaky clean feeling that washing your hair will but it is great for oiliness - and no, it doesn't feel like there is a film in your hair or anything, most of the product is brushed out taking the oil with it.There are so many better ones out there than the white ones now that you really must try. So many of them, including the Snappi one here are quite clear - I didn't see any flaking at all! There are even ones specifically for dark hair - like Oscar Blandi - so you don't get the greyish cast!

    Best, Lisamarie

  5. Loved this post...and um, yah you & I would be going head to head in the best sleeper category, so don't count yourself a Canadian hero just yet. I really want to try the Baptiste tropical scent but it's always sold out at my Shoppers.


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