October 23, 2012

Lise Watier Glamourose Winter 2012 Collection

Lise Watier is playing on my big weakness with their Glamourose Winter 2012 Collection - packaging - which is so incredibly beautiful that I don't know how I'm going to restrain myself! Inspired by the "queen of flowers", the rose - a symbol of beauty, love and femininity - the collection offers refined shades and products and did I mention amazing packaging?!
Glamour Rose Palette - Silvery Moon - $45 - with a trio of eyeshadows that are half-cream, half-powder as well as a rose-shaped blush and matching blush brush - all in an elegant box covered with ornamental stones and glitter.
Glamour Rose Palette - Vert Minuit - $45
Illuminating Face & Body Powder - $35 - a versatile powder ideal for illuminating the neckline with a soft pearly shade or for adding a touch of glimmer on the eyelids and cheeks.
Luxurious Satin Finish Eyeshadow - $24 - Gold - with a new formula that combines exceptional brightness and silky texture that can be worn alone or over another eyeshadow for a more intense and brilliant look.
Luxurious Satin Finish Eyeshadow - $24 -Violet
Eye Shine - $18 - in Black Orchid and Black Gold - featuring micro-glitter, a soft texture an metallic luster.
Gloss - $21 - Glamour Rose - a soft pink shade with a comfortable, moisturizing and non-sticky formula.
Rouge Plumpissimo Lipstick - $21 - Glamour Rose - a pigmented rich pink colour.
Plumpissimo Le Gloss - $21 - Grenadine - the perfect red for luscious and shiny lips!
Nail Lacquer - $12.50 - in Silvery Taupe and Grenadine - with a built-in cap light which I love so!

The collection isn't supposed to be in stores until November but my Shoppers already has it so be sure to check it out!

- Lisamarie -


  1. The Eye Shine liners are ridiculously pretty. I received the Black Gold one and I'm tempted to hoard a couple more since they're LE!

  2. Does anyone ship this to the US? Its gorgeous!

  3. Everything I tested from this collection was amazing. I'm in love with the black gold eyeshine. It's like a deep black/brown with gold flecks. Stunning!


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