October 8, 2012

Rimmel London welcomes Canada's Bachelor, Brad Smith to Toronto!

Our very first Canadian bachelor, Brad Smith was in Toronto last week following the debut of The Bachelor Canada to dish on the show, the girls and makeup... I know that last one is strange but it was an event set up by Rimmel London so I guess it makes sense.

In person, Brad is surprisingly not anything like what I was expecting which was basically a stuck-up jock. He's nice, he's funny and even a little self-deprecating! He was pretty cagey on the details of anything that has happened past the first show so I have no idea who he picked or if he even picked anyone at all but he does seem overall to be satisfied with his experience on the show.

There was no way to confuse the premiere of The Bachelor Canada last Thursday with its American counterpart - at no time will you ever hear the US version contain initial meeting conversations in french, about hockey or containing the phrase "eh?" - but at the same time the production values were very slick which is not always the case with Canadian shows. And if I was worried that the Canadian ladies vying for Brad's attention would be too polite, that fear was quickly put to rest with the introduction of my new best friend Gabrielle and the rest of the motley crew of characters - Canada's reputation for good manners will never be the same after this lot!

Brad was willing to share a few details of filming including the fact that the cocktail party that we see on screen for 25 minutes or so actually goes on all night - taking about 14 hours to film - after 14 hours of drinking, no wonder some of these chicks are so nuts (yes Bubba, I'm talking to you)! And while I couldn't understand why Whitney got the first impression rose, apparently she is the only one that didn't try and give him the hard sell and was very chill.

As far as makeup goes, Brad is a fan of a more natural look and while he appreciates the look of lipstick and gloss, it's a kissing hindrance!

Personally I was in love with one of the girl's glosses - I want to say it was Michelle but honestly for the first few shows I can't tell any of them apart. It was a beautiful wine coloured gloss which found me at Shoppers the next day swatching all of the Vinyl Max Lip Glosses until I figured out it must have been Passion - a fall must have shade for sure!

Be sure and tune in Thursday for the next episode of The Bachelor, to watch the train wreck and admire the makeup!

- Lisamarie -

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