October 10, 2012

This week I'm obsessed with... MaskerAide sheet masks!

If you are a fan of sheet masks then you know how hard they are to get your hands on in Canada - Biotherm and NeoStrata have them but they only come in one variety - otherwise you need to hit up a friend heading to Asia or take a trip to the Pacific Mall (where I always end up getting lost)!

Search no longer, sheet masks in the cutest packaging have arrived!

MaskerAide Sheet Masks - $4.99 per mask - in 6 highly concentrated Argan Oil based serum formulations that are nutrient-rich, highly moisturizing and gentle enough for any skin type:

Beauty Rest'ore - moisturizing and calming to ensure sweet dreams.
I Don't Wanna Grow Up - helps to stop the early signs of aging.
Weather Warrior - smoothes skin that has been stressed by the elements.
All Nighter - perfect for those morning that you just can't wake up - my personal fave - it's an instant pick-me-up and erases the signs of a bad night's sleep or all those things you did the night before and now regret!
Detox Diva - a powerful mix of antioxidants to cleanse and detoxify the skin.
Pre Party Prep - preps your skin before a big night out.

The masks are recyclable and biodegradable and even better for what they don't have in them including: parabens, dyes and pigments, mineral oils, artificial fragrances, benzophenones and glycerins.

Find them online at www.maskeraide.com.

- Lisamarie -


  1. I love these masks! I was hosting a giveaway that just ended for the collection of Maskeraide masks!

  2. Cute packaging! But $5 is quite pricey for a single mask -___-

  3. I'm with Nunu I absolutely LOVE thhese masks but 5$ is alittle steep for me maybe like once every few months but definitely not every week.


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