October 31, 2012

Eye Love Wednesday - Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Quatuor

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Quatuor 4 Color Eyeshadow Palette - $64 - with an instant matte and intense formula that melds perfectly with a satin, pearly veil producing amplified light effects in 8 captivating quads:
01 Maestro - gradation from radiant mineral sprinkles to high-powered rock colours: glowing greige, radiant mica stone, matte asphalt grey, matte obsidian lava black.
02 Terra Sienna - gradation from sunlight-infused sand to strong earth Italian brown: dewy beige, shiny bright taupe, shaded hot brown, matte earth brown.
03 Pantelleria - gradation from light infused faded to deep brown-green sun influence on colours with a new colour invention: vreige - halfway between green and beige: vreige, dewy celadon, bright sage green with silver and gold reflections, intense matte khaki.
04 Effeto Nudo - the Giorgio Armani contemporary interpretation of the legendary Italian "Claroscuro": neutral bright beige, light matte and sandy taupe, darker matte taupe, rich tierra.
05 Mediterranean - gradation of Mediterranean blue from quiet spring dawn to fall storm sea: luminous silver tinged with a touch of blue, light blue grey, vivid and intense Armani bleu de Prusse, Armani blue Marine.
06 Boudoir - gradation from dewy coral essence to intense Amazonian mahogany: soft coral, bright rosewood, strong matte, intense mahogany.
07 Saharan Blush - gradation from summer Saharan sky to hot sand brown: glowing rose, Saharan eggshell, bright rose, hot brown.
08 Parma - gradation from dewy lilac rose to an iconic amethyst powder: lilac rose, lilac rose tinted with blue reflections, sparkling mineral dust, intense amethyst violet.

Available exclusively at Holt Renfrew.

- Lisamarie -

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