July 15, 2013

Needful Things - Mai Couture Uptown Blush Papers

You only need to have a blush break, crumble and make a giant mess in your purse once before you are convinced of the unportability of blush and let mid-day rosy cheeks fall my the wayside - that is until...

Mai Couture Uptown Blush Papers - $20 - a lightly powdered blush paper with a hint of shimmer that adds colour to the cheeks for a healthy glow with every application.

And while you're at it powder your nose with their:

 Salicylic Acid Papers - $24 - to mattify and moisturize skin instantly while the salicylic acid fights off blemish-causing bacteria to clear pores and prevent future breakouts or Vitamin C + E Papers - $15 - get a daily dose of vitamins and eliminate shine all in one with sheer powder that removes excess oil without disturbing your makeup.

Available now at Murale.

- Lisamarie -

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