July 16, 2013

Rodial Size Zero Daily Toning Body Moisturiser

There are certain things in life that really suck - like the fact that back in the days when I actually could have been a size zero - that size didn't exist. Sizing began at 6 and went up - stupid vanity sizing! Here's a size zero I can have now:

Rodial Size Zero - 300ml - $68 - a daily toning body moisturiser with a lovely rose and citrus scent and an easily absorbed formula that deeply moisturises and helps improve skin elasticity while ultra powerful Pro-Svetyl helps reveal smoother, younger looking skin and sleeker body contours by encouraging the reduction of fatty deposits and water retention.
In 12 weeks you can expect to see better looking skin with a significant reduction to skin surface irregularities resulting from the presence of cellulite and reduction of the circumference of the thighs, abdomen and hips - you won't be a size zero but you will be a firmer looking whatever size you are!

Just don't expect me to get upset, offended or insulted by the name of the product - I don't think Rodial is mocking or shaming those of us who aren't a size zero - they're just offering some tongue in cheek inspiration!

Available now at Murale.

- Lisamarie -

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