July 24, 2013

This week I'm obsessed with... Cocoon Apothecary Ancient Mud Facial Mask!

Going organic never felt or smelled so good thanks to:

Cocoon Apothecary Ancient Mud Facial Mask - 100g - $24 - a 100% natural product that detoxifies, exfoliates and tightens with: Dead Sea mud - to re-mineralize the skin with essential nutrients and purify pores of toxins and pollutants; Canadian glacial marine clay from the coat of British Columbia - that absorbs deep into pores to pull out contaminants and excess oil; and orange blossom and rose essential oils that contain antioxidants to nourish skin deeply and also make the mask smell great!

My skin tends to be less flaky during the summer when it becomes a lot oiler and because earlier and extended daylight hours means I am wearing a lot more sunscreen, my skin feels really gunky by the end of the week - this mask is perfect for pulling all the yucky crap that has accumulated in my pores and leaving it feeling fresh and clean!

I like it's a Canadian home-grown line from Kitchener, Ontario and free of all those nasty petroleums and parabens that nobody wants in their products anymore! There's a whole range of skincare products - and of the ones that I have smelled, have a rose element to the scent which I'm not normally a big fan of because I don't like artificial floral scents but the Cocoon rose scent is very soft and natural smelling so I'm digging it!

Available at The Big Carrot in Toronto and other natural health retailers and online at www.cocoonapothecary.com, well.ca and amazon.ca.

- Lisamarie -

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