November 3, 2009

No Need to Sweat Like Marc Anthony.

Let's talk about something a tad embarrassing today...sweat stains! Don't you hate it when it's hot outside, you're wearing a cute top and before you know it you look like Marc Anthony? Not a good look.

Although, by looking at Marc Anthony, I'd say sweat stains are the least of his problems but let's start with the basics, shall we? I've tried 3 antiperspirants that really work.

Drysol Dab-o-matic, a solid product.
You're supposed to use this product every night (don't shave just before using it, or you will regret it!) and you're good to go for the entire next day. It does work pretty well, however using this dab-on every night is a bit tedious. The price is around $35 at Shoppers Drug Mart, it's more expensive than the other brands but it's also the most widely available antiperspirant.

No Sweat (I could not find any picture), my favorite.
A roll-on. At first, it looks like your ordinary antiperspirant but it really works. You only apply No Sweat once to twice a week - at most -  and there is no sweat in sight, indeed. Great product. Definitely my favorite. Around $25 at Shoppers Drug Mart, can be a little tricky to find.

Biotherm, for the sensitive skin.
While the roll-on doesn't work as well as the cream version it is still a pretty decent product.  The cream version doesn't burn and is more gentle to your skin than the other products, however it's not the most practical to apply. You should pick this product if you have the most sensitive skin. It is also difficult impossible to find in Canada, but can be purchased online. (Update: the cream can be found at Shoppers Drug Mart at Markville Mall, Toronto for $22).

So bye bye sweaty underarms and until next time, don't sweat it!


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