September 22, 2010

COOLA Suncare offers nonpartisan protection from Canadian and American sun!

I know the first day of fall may seem like a weird time to be talking about suncare but of course just because the seasons are changing, doesn't mean that the sun goes away or becomes any less damaging - you really need to wear your sunscreen year round!  You might not need it on your legs anymore soon but you still have to protect your pretty face and luscious lips!  If you are a hater of sunscreen because of the smell, look no further, COOLA suncare smells fruity good, not like chemicals!

The environmentally friendly part of me likes that they manufacture their products in an environmentally conscious manner, use animal-free testing, biodegradable packaging, recycled papers, eco-friendly printing and organic ingredients.  They also donate a portion of their profits to skin cancer research.

They have three types of hypoallergenic sunscreen suitable for skin of all ages.  The products are all hypoallergenic, paba, paraben and petroleum free, non-irritating, non-comedegenic and sweat resistent:

Face 30 SPF - 50ml - $32 - in cucumber or unscented

Total Body 30 SPF - 140ml - $30 - in plumeria or unscented

Sport 45 SPF - 140ml - $32 - in mango or unscented (the mango smells amazing!)

and of course, they haven't forgotten your lips:

Liplux - $12 - in original SPF 30 or peppermint vanilla SPF 15 - contains raspberry butter - a strong antioxidant, aloe vera - to moisturize, soothe and enhance sun protection, shea butter - to soften skin, jojoba oil - to moisturize, repair and prevent chapping, rose hips - a vegetable oil with vitamin A, high omega-3 and omega-6 and avocado butter - which is high in sterolins which reduces age spots and repairs sun damage.

Kristian Birchby, one of the co-founders of COOLA is also a transplanted Canuck and she was kind enough to share her thoughts on the importance of year round sun care. 

I think sun care is very important all year round because by now we all know that the ozone has depleted and regardless of cloud cover there is major evidence that dangerous UVA/UVB rays do reach our skin and they can, and do, cause all kinds of damage that may result in cancer but most definitely will result in a prune look of the skin over time!!!

And as we all know due to homeland security issues, that there are serious problems with American sun crossing Canadian borders and vice versa, so I thought Kristian could give us her take on the difference between US and Canadian sunshine.
USA vs CANADA (sun) > story of my life! Anyway I guess the difference would have to be that in my opinion, generally speaking the Canadian sun seems to be more educated, more down to earth, Canadian sun is a bit shy and is not always available, more select if you will, less harsh on the smooth, soft baby skin of its northern population, however best of all the Canadian sun shines equally bright on all of its beloved Canucks!

And have no fear, even though the line is 100% made in the USA, I have been assured that it is still totally effective for the Canadian sun! You can check out the website for more info and locations to buy at

- Lisamarie -

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