September 28, 2010

TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System for pro results without the pro!

The most awesome beauty toy has finally made it's way into Canadian Sephora locations.  If you've been anywhere near a Sephora lately you can't have missed the huge displays everywhere for the TEMPTU AIRbrush Makeup System and if you're anything like me, you have been wondering how complicated it is to use and whether a total spazcase (such as myself) could master such a complicated looking device.  You see, I still remember the airbrush machine that they introduced at Holt Renfrew a few years back.  I can't remember what the name of it was but I knew a makeup artist that had it and she was forever having problems with it - if an expert has issues, what hope is there for someone like me?  The answer is lots, because TEMPTU is totally different from the airbrushers of years gone by!

TEMPTU AIRbrush makeup System - $265 - what is different about this system then previous ones I have seen is that the foundation comes in a little pod - no longer do you have the hassle of having to fill a reservoir with foundation and then clean it out when you want to change colours - these pods just snap in and out, no cleaning required!  Not only that, you can switch between foundation, blush and highlighter with absolutely no hassle!  It's very easy to use, just snap in the colour pod, adjust the air pressure for desired coverage (dial up for more coverage, down for less) and off you go!  The AIRbrush is light so it's easy to maneuver and it kind of feels like cool air blowing on your face, be careful if you're ticklish!  You control how narrow or wide the area you cover is by how far you hold the AIRbrush from your face which makes it easy to cover specific areas or hide blemishes. What I really like about airbrushing is how buildable the coverage really is because of all the different ways there are to control the about of foundation that goes on your face.  This is totally different from the way regular foundation is buildable since obviously when you are applying a second layer with a brush or sponge you can't help but wipe a bit of the first layer off when you apply the second - with airbrushing you never actually touch your skin so layer 1 stays put!  I found that there was almost no learning curve, within 3 uses I had the application down pat and you don't need to worry about learning how to do it, the system comes with a user guide and a how-to DVD, they are also very happy to demonstrate the system for you in person at Sephora if you buy it in-store.

The AIR pods themselves come separately:

AIR pod Foundation - $65 for 2 pods - available in 12 colours:  001 porcelain, 002 ivory, 003 warm ivory, 004 sand, 005 beige, 006 warm beige, 007 natural, 008 honey, 009 golden, 010 almond, 011 chestnut and 012 espresso

I quite like the feel of the foundation itself.  It's light and hydrating and with a primer, it has great lasting power on me and a soft looking finish.  I am still on my first pod, to be fair, I don't use it everyday - not that it couldn't be for everyday use but it does take longer to do then slapping some foundation on my face with a brush and my mornings usually are pretty rushed so I have been using it more for weekends and nights out.  I understand that a pod should last about 2 months with regular use - but I expect that would also depend on what coverage setting you use it at too.

AIR pod Blush - $36 for 1 pod - available in 4 colours: 401 pale pink, 402 soft peach, 403 washed rose and 404 sheer berry

I totally love the way airbrushed blush looks!  Having fallen in love with cream blush this summer I am really appreciating this look and again you can really dictate how light or strong the colour is!  If you are a pale face like me, check out the sheer berry, it looks gorgeous on light skin!

AIR pod Highlighter - $42 for 1 pod - available in 4 colours - 301 champagne, 302 gold, 303 bronze and 304 copper

I tried the lightest one, champagne and it was a nice highlighter, I will need to try one of the darker colours and see how it works as a bronzer, I expect it would be a nice effect!  This would also be good for contouring if that's your thing!

If you are still deciding or can't shell out the bucks for the airbrusher, TEMPTU also has a RETOUCH line with airbush quality formulas and high-definition results.  They have a water-enriched silicone formula which allows for a flawless application while moisturizing and conditioning the skin.  The system contains Ceramide 3 and an olive oil vehicle, which nourishes and protects the skin, while Vitamins C & E provide anti-oxidant protection.

RETOUCH Foundation - $56 - with a built in brush applicator it perfects, corrects and minimizes imperfections creating a flawless and radiant complexion.  Available in 12 colours: 001 porcelain, 002 ivory, 003 warm ivory, 004 sand, 005 beige, 006 warm beige, 007 natural, 008 honey, 009 golden, 010 almond, 011 chestnut and 012 espresso

RETOUCH Blush - $42 - with a built in brush applicator it provides a dose of ultra-natural and dewy colour to cheeks with a smooth and lightweight liquid formula.  Available in 4 colours: 401 pale pink, 402 soft peach, 403 washed rose and 404 sheer berry

RETOUCH Highlighter - $48 - with a built in brush applicator it adds an instant and luxurious glow to both face and body.  Available in 4 colours:  301 champagne, 302 gold, 303 bronze and 304 copper

RETOUCH Powder - $51 - with a built in brush applicator it's a lightweight, mineral-based formula that rids you of shine and provides natural looking, satin soft skin.  Available in 6 colours:  200 translucent, 201 soft beige, 202 warm natural, 203 golden honey, 204 deep tan and 205 rich brown

and if that's not enough you can even tattoo yourself with ADORN - $30 - each kit contains: 9 tattoo design sheets, 20 ADORN Tattoo Application Pads, 1 ADORN Tattoo Setting Powder, 1 ADORN Reusable Clear Bag and 1 ADORN Application Instructions & Care Card.

I haven't tried any of the products from the RETOUCH line, I would love to hear opinions about it if anyone has!  And if anyone else has thoughts about the airbrush system, I'd love to hear them too!

TEMPTU also recently launched a website - check out - a behind the scenes look at Fashion Week - where you can see how flawless runway styles are created and how you can do it yourself!  They also have Lookbook Beauty events at Sephora where you can choose your look from TEMPTU's previous fashion shows, have your VIP picture taken and have it automatically posted to Sephora's windows and  You can check out their Facebook page to find upcoming Lookbook Beauty events near you.

If you can't make it to an event you can still submit your own "freestyle" look at home to participate which you can share with friends and have a chance to win a VIP ticket to attend Fashion Week Fall 2011!

- Lisamarie -

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