September 21, 2010

Clothing Optional at London Fashion Week: Charlie Le Mindu Would Rather Go Naked!

Clothes are so overrated, darling! And so 2009! The wig maker Charlie Le Mindu presented his Spring/Summer 2011 collection with a spectacular runway: no clothes and lots of hair. That's right, Le Mindu sent naked models down the runway. I mean so NAKED, I could see all their...ahem, lady bits which I had to cover for our North American readers (mostly for Lisamarie). After topless bearded models  at Berlin Fashion Week, we've seen full nudity on the runway yesterday... so what's next? Bearded naked models? Lady Gaga might beat them all to the punch.

A slight least she's wearing underwear!
I'd rather go naked than wear hair! - Pictures: Tom Vandeputte via Blowpresent
Pam Hogg, another British designer, created this outfit which consists of some kind of very secure chastity belt (you'd need that for someone like Lisamarie). Again, I can make the same crap for you for a few bucks, it would make a great Christmas present! I know you want it.
After thousands of years, women have earned the right to design their own chastity belts and wear them in public without any clothes. Yay for us!




  1. I just love the last photo. Great body and position of the chains.

  2. No argument there, she does have a great body but that chain must be cold...brrr!


  3. Aw, hell naw! I find "nekkidness" much sexier when you have to work for it a little bit. Add a little lingerie in the mix, you know? Like this: sexy-nightgowns

  4. i love the all photo.
    these are very nice
    love to all


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